16 juni 2015

Revolution in Fishing

After years of research and one year after laying the keel, the Dutch "Masterplan Duurzame Visserij" (MDV, Master Plan Sustainable Fishery) has launched a revolutionary shipping vessel, the MDV1 Immanuel. 

MDV's  ship is filled with innovations to save as much fuel as possible. The ship has diesel-electric propulsion, an innovative axis, a heat recovery system, power management and a fuel saving hull. Fish is processed on board and the vessel has an uninterrupted cold chain.
Protecting the Marine Environment

The Immanuel uses techniques that disrupt the marine environment and its eco systems as little as possible. Several years ago, fishing vessels fishing for flatfish on the Northsea used almost four litres of gas oil per kilogram of fish. This ship rbrings this down to less than 0.5 litres. 
The vessel uses a fishing technique that requires a lower sailing speed and will disrupt the ocean floor as little as possible. The nets "float" just above the ocean floor. Research is also being conducted into twinrig pulse fishing, which uses a trawl net and light electric pulses to which the fish respond. 
The pilot ship will now start testing new concepts and processes that help attain the desired ecological and economic sustainability in fishing.

Picture by MDV.

This article was published on SWZ Maritime